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    Good News Releases - Newspaper

Needs to be in at least 2 weeks before you want it in.
email address coming.........
You need to send her the who, what, when, where, how and why?

You can include pictures, but make sure if there are kids in the pictures you have permission for them to be in the paper

    District Calendar

The schools secretary can add events to the web site for you.

    Gilbert Magazine

This needs to be submitted about 60 days before the magazine comes out. Only put set things, like carnivals, fundraising dinners, bigger events.

This is a guideline for submissions. Please type onto this form or simply put your Good News! into an email. It is important to include the details requested. Be brief, but as complete as possible. Send completed form or email to

email address coming


Department submitting:










Why (significance of news item):





A quote or additional details:





First & last names of key people involved (be sure to verify spellings):




Full name, phone number, and email of contact person for this submission:

Attach photos: Photos must be .jpg format, high resolution, uncropped. A good photo increases the likelihood of getting your story published. If you would like me to come and take a photo to accompany your story, please call in advance and I will make every effort to do so. IDENTIFY each person in the photo, left to right.


Ideas for a news story:


  • Learning/curriculum stories
  • Happenings in the classroom—special or innovative programs or technology
  • Awards or accomplishments of our students, teachers, staff members, or District
  • Special events or happenings
  • Partnerships with community or businesses
  • Volunteer programs/involvement
  • Arts/music/extra-curricular programs
  • Important dates or deadlines which should be publicized


Good News! will be sent to media weekly on Thursdays. Deadline for submissions is Wednesdays by noon. However, please submit as early as possible. Some calendars request information as much as two months in advance. Questions? Call Brenda at: 480.497.3497 or email at address above.


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